Investment focus

IAG members invest in start-ups which are characterized by high growth potential, proprietary innovation, sustainable competitive advantage and managed by full-time committed entrepreneurs.


Investment Focus

Level of innovation: strong proprietary product or process innovation, in order to reach and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, both in innovative and traditional sectors.

Team: we are looking for a management team as complete as possible, fully committed on the project and willing to collaborate with investors, composed by not only specialist but also elements that have specific managerial, commercial-marketing and financial competences.  We do not invest on one-person team.

Target companies: start-ups and young companies (up to 2 mil € in revenues) with high growth potential (target revenues of at least 5-10 mil € after three-five years).

Investment stage: early stage financing, including seed but above all start-up financing; sometimes we do development capital investments with co-investors.

Investment amount: from 300.000 to 800.000 € approximately (available for co-investiments up to 2 Mil €).

Geographic area: we invest primarily in Italy, but also in foreign companies geographically close to Italy in areas easily accessible by our members.

Target sectors: we invest in any sector where we have at least one expert member.

Other valuation criteria that drive the investment process are: expected exit strategy, fair and objective pre-money valuation

Furthermore according to the internal Code of Ethics, IAG does not invest in companies operating in the sectors of Weapons, Pornography and Tobacco.