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Francesco Marini Clarelli

Founder of DECALIA Asset Management and IAG co-founder

Cariche istituzionali: Consiglio direttivo [EN]

As Honorary Chairman and Co-founder of IAG, Italian Angels for Growth, Francesco founded Astor Sim SpA. Today, the company is called Decalia Asset Management and is an investment management company that offers asset advisory services for private and institutional clients.

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SediciDodici [ENG]

The company has developed a diagnostic clinical tool, Smart Clot, which allows to identify, through a sophisticated process, potential thrombotic and hemorrhagic risks, the main causes of cardiovascular diseases and the circulatory system. The system includes a diagnostic kit and analysis software and also allows monitoring the effectiveness of the anti-aggregating or anti-coagulant therapies administered.

Spreaker [ENG]

Spreaker is the first social web radio that transforms every user into the creator of his own radio program, mixing and transmitting contents of all kinds, from music to news, from sports to news. Thanks to an exclusive technology, it combines the experience of using a radio with the typical interaction of a social network. The personalized radio programs can be listened to live and in podcasts on the Spreaker platform, on the main social networks, on websites, blogs and on iPhone. After launching the Beta version at the beginning of 2010, Spreaker already has 10 thousand "personalizers" and over 200 thousand listeners present in the community.