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Giuseppe Visentini

COO at ThermoKey

Comitati di settore: Industrial & Energy


Industrial & Energy
  • Hardware, IOT – Industria 4.0

A strong drive passes through anything

Giuseppe has more than 10 years of experience in operations management. He transformed a small artisan company into a factory of excellence within PowerGen (C*Blade SpA Forging and Manufacturing). Giuseppe is currently head of a new company within the HVAC/R (ThermoKey) field.

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Hypersurfaces [ENG]

Hypersurfaces is a pioneer in sensor technology advances thanks to a patented artificial intelligence technology that can convert any object into an intelligent surface - harmoniously combining the physical world with data without using keyboards, switches or screens. Hypersurfaces is a technology based in Shoreditch, London, which took its first steps in 2014 by combining proprietary technology with a mobile app and a vibration sensor giving anyone the chance to turn any object into a musical instrument.