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Marco Mocarelli

Startup Entrepreneur and Investor by necessity


  • Real Estate
Industrial & Energy
  • Automotive
Internet & Tech
  • Mobility

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After graduating in 1988 at Bocconi University, he worked as Consultant for The Mac Group. In 1993 he graduated from Harvard Business School. Back in Italy, he dedicated his time to startups and restructuring. In 1997 he took part in the foundation of the Car World Italia SpA Group. Car World Italia, of which he is still Co-owner, is a main operator in Italy’s car distribution sector. Over the past few years, and after completing a major restructuring of the Group, he has returned to the role of investor for various industrial sectors (startups and non-startups). Socially, he focuses on the world of education as a school President. Since 2010 he has cultivated his passion for naturopathy, which is his second greatest passion after business.

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