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Michele Marzola

Advisor and entrepreneur Life Science Industry

Comitati di settore: Fintech, Life Science


Industrial & Energy
  • Agroalimentare, IOT – Industria 4.0
Life Science
  • Biotech/Pharma, Device, Diagnostico

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Michele is a serial entrepreneur in the biomedical and digital sectors. After earning his MBA from Columbia Business School, Michele became Former General Manager of IBM and Principal of Booz Allen & Hamilton.

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Angiodroid [EN]

ANGIODROID has designed and developed a medical product for angiography that avoids the use of iodine as a contrast agent, using, instead, an injection of CO2 gas. This innovation allows the carrying out of the diagnostic test on patients with renal insufficiency. The product makes the injection absolutely safe, without the risk of emboli or excessive pressure associated with the manual administration of CO2. The company also provides specific single-use kits to perform new types of angiographies.

Greenbone [ENG]

GreenBone is an innovative start-up led by co-founder, CEO & COO Lorenzo Pradella. The company develops a revolutionary technology in orthopedics-traumatology for the construction of bone implants derived from natural structures such as wood, with extraordinary regenerative properties and particularly suitable for dealing with the loss of considerable portions of long bones following trauma or tumors and other critical situations of the skeletal system. The high incidence of such damages often leads to significant impairments. Thanks to the technology developed by GreenBone, the body recognizes the implant as its own, replacing it with real bone tissue.

Winegrid [ENG]

Winegrid offers a smart solution (SaaS and IoT hardware) for the optimization of the winemaking process through the continuous monitoring of critical parameters in real-time. The startup has developed a line of wireless sensors for measuring 6 critical parameters (color, density, turbidity, pH, volume, SO2 and O2) in real time. The collected data are shown on the proprietary SaaS platform for analysis, forecasting and timely intervention in case of need but also for generating reports and push reports.

Sooma [ENG]

Sooma Oy is developing, manufacturing and marketing a non-invasive therapy device for neurological and psychiatric disorders (depression and chronic pain). Sooma uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) technology. Sooma technology is trusted by over 100 clinics worldwide. Their first product is the first portable device approved for treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). The device is CE-approved and currently marketed in the EU and other selected markets. Their quality management system has been awarded with ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP certificates.

Rejoint [ENG]

Rejoint is a start-up pioneer in new technology and surgical approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty. Rejoint has developed a solution for knee replacement based on the integration of 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the design of personalized implants and surgical simulation based on unique patient anatomy. The company is led by people with more than 20 years in the orthopaedic industry and by previous members of worldwide leading medtech companies like Covidien, Smith&Nephew, Sorin, Bellco.

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SOOMA closes an investment round of over 1.2 Million EUR

Thanks to the capital increase from IAG members and Athensmed, the startup aims to take its drug-free therapy for depression to worldwide market.