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Paolo Merli

Sole Administrator at Merli Marmi Srl


  • Real Estate

The pace of a company is the pace of its slowest employee

He is Sole Administrator of Merli Marmi Srl. In 1997 he started working in the family business of natural stone processing by taking on the role of Operations Director. Today Merli Marmi Srl is a sector leader and recognized as a Green Company in Lombardy for its low environmental impact. Since 2015 diversification, strategic development, and consolidation of business networks have led him to Insoore Srl, a service company for photographic recognition in real time and on demand; EGO Cycles Srl, a manufacturing company active in the design, production, and marketing of customized sport bicycles; and inVRsion Srl, which is a virtual reality service company. In 2006 he co-founded and started handling and planning the strategy of the urban management facility Etica Srl. He created and has been the Manager of Marmostyle since 2005. The brand is an international trademark devoted to conceptualizing and stylistically innovating the use of marble in art, while promoting craftsmanship. In 2006 he became Founder of the “Fallo di Marmo” artistic movement. It was a national movement to publicize the aesthetic implications of marble. He is the local Fundraising Coordinator for A.G.A.P.E. Onlus. He has served as President of the training agency Associazione Didex as well as Advisor to the Artisan Guarantee Cooperative, the Artisans Association, and CO.GE.SA.

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