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We believe in teams that bring real change and support them in their growth

You are starting your innovative business, but you need help:

You need an economic investment, but you may not realize that you need something else…

You need a business angel: a professional investor with business experience, able to support you in your company and accompany you on your growth path, knowing how to look at the medium and long term.

In IAG you can find more than 200:

A network of investors with transversal skills to apply to your project, providing critical help – not just economic – that can make the difference.

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Life Science, Internet & Tech, Industrial & Energy, Fintech:

These are the main sectors in which our members are most active and among these there could be the Champion for your business, an investor member who – always respecting roles – in addition to capital invests part of his time to help you achieve better results.

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Do you have an activity or a business project to submit?

First tell us who you are and who your team is: investing in people even before the projects.

Then tell us about your project or – even better – show it to us: if it’s an internet project, you should already have an MVP; if it is a Life Science or Industrial project we expect to see at least one patent application filed.

What can you expect?

Every two and a half months our screening committee examines the projects to choose which ones to present to the members: the aforementioned carefully evaluate them, choosing which ones to invest in, typically within 2/4 months, with an average amount of 300 thousand Euro .

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"We are very pleased with the closure of this seed round and with the entry of IAG members into our cap table. This important capital increase will give our startup the opportunity to face the challenge of internationalization, supported by the skills and experience of one of the main players in the Italian investment ecosystem. We are aware that this investment round is not a goal for us but only a starting point in our path to conquering the global market. The best is yet to come!"

Michele Cesario

CEO & Co-Founder Comehome