Crowdtesting solutions for digital products

AppQuality, the first pure Crowdtesting Italian player platform, leader in its sector, offers a suite of "crowd" solutions that allows to improve the quality of services and digital products both Mobile and PC, identifying defects in time. It therefore allows you to eliminate negative feedback from the end user, optimize the user experience and lower management costs.

Strong of its community of 15.000 Tester (more the international part) and the relative devices, of the certification tools of the community and of its testing methodologies also Agile, AppQuality allows to accelerate the times and lower the costs of the development process, enhancing the testing on all types of smartphones, tablets, PCs, IoTs, or other devices, thanks to remote interaction with real end users.

The Crowd suite of services that AppQuality offers are many: from the Exploratory Testing to the Test Book on the Crowd, from the prototype test to the study of the User Experience, from the Testing of the Chatbots to the IoT. Consequently, thanks to the support of our Quality Managers, AppQuality allows to support the entire software development cycle, from the prototyping phase to the release in the production environment.

Date of investment October, 2017

Offices Milan, Italy


Founding team

Luca Manara
CEO & Co-Founder