Big Data platform for Customer Intelligence insights

BigProfiles is a Customer Intelligence SaaS trusted by Accenture, CISCO, and NTT DATA operating in the Italian bank, insurance, telco and retail industry. BigProfiles provides two levels of service, Profile Enrichment and Artificial Intelligence Prediction, to businesses which aim at gaining a deeper and richer understanding of their customer base. Leveraging on public registers and social networks, BigProfiles finds information as marital status, education, occupation, geographical and demographical aggregated data, estimated net worth, and personal interests of a business's customer base. Applying its AI algorithm, BigProfiles predicts and scores the inclination of customers to behaviors like purchase, upsell, cross-sell, or churn. BigProfiles AI algorithm is the main asset of the company. Our artificial intelligence is constantly trained resulting in a never ending improvement of data accuracy and prediction capabilities.

Date of investment September, 2017

Offices Milan, Italy - Rome, Italy

Deep Tech

Founding team

Lorenzo Luce

Roberto Visceglia
COO & Co-Founder