All-inclusive solution for cashless payments, customer assistance and telemetry

In Time Link is a direct link between the vending machine operators and the customer. Customers can receive promotions on their smartphone, make purchases or request support.

In the office you can receive notifications on new products available and on any price changes. It is no longer necessary to have a payment key for each site because the app knows how to interact with the entire network of distributors. Outside the home, you can look for the nearest distributor that sells a specific product. If necessary, you can open a support request at any time, without having to wait for the availability of an operator on the phone. Thanks to the direct connection with customers, the manager can better evaluate the appreciation of tariffs and products and highlight the news. Its technicians can follow the ticket and the history of maintenance of the single distributor from the smartphone.

With the automatic purchase through the app the cost of cash management and the bureaucracy necessary to communicate with the Revenue Agency are reduced. It also becomes possible to actively participate in the marketing campaigns of food and drink suppliers, allowing the free delivery of their promotional products and receiving payment from the supplier.

Date of investment December, 2017

Offices Rome, Italy - Montelupo, Italy


Founding team

Alfredo Di Maria
CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Matteo
CMO & Co-Founder