AI-powered Software as a Service for social media marketing

Everyday on social media millions of people share their opinions and experiences worldwide about people, products, brands and events. Listening to what is said and being able to analyse only the content that matters is vital to understand what’s  really going on. KPI6 is able to monitor every conversation generated on social media; these information will be analyzed in order to give you accurate and captivating presentations. KPI6 help companies to define Key Performance Indicators based on social networks so that  they can make better decisions, in less time.

Which is the best marketing plan? Who are my potential customers? How can I evaluate my product’s launch or a social event? KPI6 is able to give you the answer.
Thanks to the analysis of historical and real-time data, in addition to the power of machine learning tools, with KPI6 you can filter, classify and analyse any volume of conversations and focus only on what you care about. KPI6 has the best data visualisation tools with customasible granularity in order to tell the story of each conversation beatifully and simply.

Date of investment March, 2016

Offices Milan, Italy - Rome, Italy


Founding team

Alberto Nasciuti