Innovative digital solution aimed at operators in the tourism sector

Manet Mobile is a solution dedicated to hotels and their guests, consisting of a personalized smartphone (for the guest) and a web panel (for the hotel).

The smartphone is found directly in the room, it has a SIM card inside and it’s ready to be brought outside. It allows guests to make unlimited national and international phone calls and stay connected to the web without limits. Online services and social apps become easily available for the entire stay, without worrying about extra costs or spending time looking for Wi-Fi spots. The customer feels at home, always and everywhere. The device is fully customized to act as a personal travel assistant, offering suggestions on where to go, what to eat, and how to experience the city. Manet integrates all the hotel inner services (room service, restaurant, spa, etc.), so that the guest can book any of them even outside of the room.

The web dashboard is dedicated to the hotel: it is an innovative CRM, focused on the integration and management of hotel services. Plus, the hotelier can contact its clients by means of customized push notifications, see them in real-time on a map, obtain detailed statistics on their habits, advertise its commercial partners, and reach its guests inside and outside of the structure, taking care of them during their entire stay, thus enabling it to do up-selling and cross-selling and eventually strengthen its web reputation.
Manet helps the hotel to stay connected with its guests, and the guests with the world.

Date of investment December, 2016

Offices Rome, Italy


Founding team

Antonio Calia
Founder & CEO

Luca Liparulo
COO & Co-Founder