Reatrofit smart home solution that improves users’ interaction with their home

Powahome is a Rome-based startup, selected for the Google Android Factory Program in January 2017 and wins the Wind Startup Award in April of the same year.

Powahome brings home automation to Italian homes, helping families save energy by remotely controlling lights and sockets. It can be installed in existing electrical boxes in your home and add “smart” potential to the switches in your apartment. The device can also be used to manage electric roller shutters. It is programmable through a completely customizable App and stores the settings even after a power failure, it does not require batteries and can be used for all types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen, energy saving, neon and LED. Each device can control up to two switches and works via home WiFi. It works with any type of switch installed in common rectangular electrical boxes, and can also integrate voice control systems with electrical systems already present in the home.

Date of investment January, 2018

Offices Rome, Italy


Founding team

Pasquale Longo
CEO & Co-founder

Michele Longo
Business Developer & Co-Founder