“Life sciences” startups of the IAG portfolio in the front row at SMAU 2015


Italian Angels For Growth took part, along with president Antonio Leone, to the 52nd edition of Smau exhibition in Fiera Milano: an occasion to talk about the development of startups active in the “Life Sciences” area, which are in our angels’ portfolios.  

I participated, as president of the Italian Angels for Growth association, to the panel “Life Sciences” of ItaliaRestartsUp2 at the occasion of this year edition of Smau. The event was both the occasion for a group of selected Italian startups to meet qualified international investors, and for sharing and discussing ideas on the different perspectives of the national innovation ecosystem.   life sciences startup   An ecosystem, such as ours, that is still marginal compared to the great flows of international investments, due to a schooling system inadequate to stimulate the diffusion of young entrepreneurship (according to the last Unioncamere research, there are only 9,000 graduates in STEM subjects that are thinking about starting a venture after their degrees) and due to the scarce interest shown by venture capitalists in “seed” investments. A kind of investments that is instead predominant among business angels, because of the skills and the support that they can give to the young entrepreneurs.   life sciences   The ItaliaRestartsUp2 was also the occasion to talk about the Italian business angels’ straightforward commitment  in financing and developing “Life Sciences” innovative startups. Here detailed below our portfolio of startups currently on the market:

  • Margherita, a patented medical device that reduces the risk of involuntary puncturing during self executed medical procedures. The company is active on the market and close to the “exit”.
  • Win Medical, a startup that has developed wearable technologies for a continuous monitoring of the patients since 2009, present on the Italian market and getting ready for a new round of financing aimed at supporting the expansion of foreign markets.
  • Angiodroid, a startup that has developed a medical product for angiography through CO2 injection, already active on the Italian and foreign markets.
  • BioBeats, a University of Pisa spin off which has been funded through joint investments, has developed a product already widely sold on the American market.
  • SmartClot, a startup that has developed the most innovative tech platform for diagnosing thrombotic and/or hemorrhagic tendencies in the patient’s blood, will enter the market in the next three months.

I will not make an overstatement when I say that foreign investors we have met told me they were marveled by the fact that IAG Associates could have such an advanced portfolio, with companiesalready on the market and sometimes at a very advanced stage of development. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, IAG’s business angels – contrary to Vcs – are expert of their own field, able to actively help developing products suitable for the market. When IAG Associates invest, they do it by bringing an important contribution with their knowledge of the product and of the market, due to their experience in managing the business and in the processes of medical testing and certification that most researchers do not have.