Member's portfolio

More than 40 companies were born and grew thanks to the investment of money and time of IAG members

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Production of bio-materials from Jatropha

Automatic CO2 injector for interventional radiology

Crowdtesting solutions for digital products

Handcrafted, Italian, luxury furnishings

Adjustable micro-catheter for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms

Applications for the diagnosis and management of psycho-physical stress

Target therapies for MYCN-positive tumors

The right drug for the right patient

Fundraising for non-profit organizations

The Bitcoin Wallet for everyone

Rental of designer clothes

Online sales of premium fruits and vegetables

The omnichannel platform for the furniture & design sector

Value-added services for the management of payments at the point of sale

System for localization and tracking indoors, out of reach GPS

Bio solutions for bone regeneration

Software for customer engagement

The intelligence behind the sales

Hospital devices for the prevention of accidental bites

A.I. that makes surfaces smart

Travel experiences all over the world

Lead generation & web marketing

Integrated diagnostic devices for virology

Software for the objective measurement of pain in clinical and research fields

Password manager

Interazioni mobile proximity-based

Test for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

The new way to stand in line

Predictive device of thrombotic events

Smartigrid IOT

Creation and sharing of podcasts

Online shopping at home in an hour

The social network # 1 of the fans

IoT for the production of wine

Suite of wearable devices for monitoring vital signs of hospital patients