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More than 80 companies were born and grew thanks to the investment of money and time of IAG members

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2Hire is a plug-and-play device that changes the way users interact, manage and track their vehicles

Production of bio-materials from Jatropha

AmbiensVR is a virtual reality platform that creates immersive and interactive 3D interior design experiences

Automatic CO2 injector for interventional radiology

Crowdtesting solutions for digital products

Handcrafted, Italian, luxury furnishings

Babaiola is an online travel platform designed for the LGBT community

Adjustable micro-catheter for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms

BigProfiles is a Big Data platform for Customer Intelligence insights

Applications for the diagnosis and management of psycho-physical stress

Target therapies for MYCN-positive tumors

The right drug for the right patient

Fundraising for non-profit organizations

The Bitcoin Wallet for everyone

Deesup is the marketplace for second-hand design to buy and sell authentic furniture

Direttoo is an HORECA supply-chain platform that revolutionizes food distribution

Rental of designer clothes

Dynamitick is a dynamic pricing engine for the entertainment and travel industry

Filo is a small and simple device to track all your valuables

Fitprime is the Italian Marketplace of Fitness

Online sales of premium fruits and vegetables

The omnichannel platform for the furniture & design sector

Software that supports the diagnosis and therapy of patients by studying their DNA with AI

Value-added services for the management of payments at the point of sale

System for localization and tracking indoors, out of reach GPS

Bio solutions for bone regeneration

A.I. that makes surfaces smart

In Time Link enables digital payments on vending machines through smartphones

Inkdome is a virtual tattoo studio that uses Artificial Intelligence to connect tattoo lovers with the best ink artists

Software for customer engagement

Innovative startup operating worldwide in the field of store virtualization and products digitalization

Karaoke One is a social network that records and share your karaoke experiences

Kither Biotech is a biopharma company

KPI6 is an AI-powered Software as a Service for social media marketing

B2B SaaS platform with a machine learning algorithm for hotel revenue management

Majeeko automatically creates customizable websites from Facebook pages

Manet is a personal concierge smartphone designed to revolutionize hospitality and the whole travel experience

The intelligence behind the sales

Hospital devices for the prevention of accidental bites

Moovenda is a food delivery platform for culinary excellence

Travel experiences all over the world

Social game for tipsters that created Invictus, the first AI-powered advisor for sports betting

Lead generation & web marketing

Integrated diagnostic devices for virology

Software for the objective measurement of pain in clinical and research fields

Password manager

Easy assembly design system to combine connectors with boards and create custom furniture

Reatrofit smart home solution that improves users’ interaction with their home

Interazioni mobile proximity-based

Test for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

The new way to stand in line

Predictive device of thrombotic events

Smartigrid IOT

Shampora provides a virtual assistant to create tailor-made hair products

Community for shops and suppliers from the same industry

Creation and sharing of podcasts

Online shopping at home in an hour

Online platform designed to share digital services and split subscription costs

The social network # 1 of the fans

Social newtwork and hiring platform for university students

Online platform to publish and promote digitally formatted comic books

IoT remotely unlocks doors

Voverc is the first business phone system in cloud

Whoosnap connects photographers and videomakers with journals

IoT for the production of wine

Online club to discover and buy quality wines from small producers

Suite of wearable devices for monitoring vital signs of hospital patients

Online service that manages the sourcing and shipping of goods from China