We invest capital and expertise in the growth of teams with ideas that can bring real change

We are looking for entrepreneurial teams with innovative and concrete projects, with a proven ability to move from idea to execution.

We offer a network of more than 300 business angels, among which you will find experienced mentors to support the growth of your company. Our typical deals involve IAG members investing from €0.2 to €1.5 million. You can also contact us if your business plan needs more funds: if we invest, we can also support you in finding co-investors.

The right support
for your startup

When it comes to developing a young innovative enterprise, the availability of capital and market knowledge are elements that make the difference. By relying on IAG, your startup will have the expertise and business network of experienced investors in their field. Thanks to our Club Deals, where more investors collectively commit their capital, you will raise a larger amount than you would from individual business angels. Your startup will also be able to count on the concrete support of its Champion, the IAG investor(s), who in addition to capital, will invest part of his/her time to help you achieve your goals.

I met IAG at a key moment in my business project, finding in IAG members the ideal partners to build the future together
Sebastiano Zannoli, Angiodroid CEO

Advantages for startups

  • Widespread and deep business network
  • Mentoring and concrete support from the IAG Champion
  • Supporting the growth of the management team
  • Support for a future venture capital round
  • Significant investments thanks to Club Deals
  • Freedom to define amount, type and liquidation of the investment

Main investment sectors

  • Life Science

  • Deep Tech

  • Digital

  • Fintech

Our investment process

Phase 1

Duration: 1-2 months


Scouting and team analysis

  • Search for investment opportunities
  • Preliminary meeting with the team

100 deals reviewed every 2 months


Partners screening

  • Meeting between Business Angels and founders to examine the project and confirm their mutual interest
  • IAG members come forward to sponsor the startup

only 25% of the deals examined reach this stage


Screening Committee

  • Choice of opportunities to present at the members meeting (9 senior members of IAG)


Investor day

  • Term sheet with the main agreements in case of investment
  • Pitch of the startup in front of the IAG members gathered in plenary session
  • Soft commitments from IAG members (minimum commitment per member: €10k)

only 3% of the deals examined reach this stage

Phase 2

Duration: 3-4 months


Due diligence

  • In case of commitment greater than €200k, conducting commercial, business, tax, legal and patent due diligence
  • Switch from soft to hard commitment
  • Champion confirmation



  • Finalization of the investment agreement and set up of the SPV for the investment
  • Signing and closing of the investment

only 2% of the deals examined obtain an investment

Phase 3

Duration: 3-8 years


Life of the company

  • Continuous presence of the Champion alongside the team for the topics for which investors and the IAG network can make themselves helpful to the company
  • Support in subsequent investment rounds



  • Support in the process of sale (or IPO) of the companya

Propose your startup

Before submitting your application, make sure that your startup and its growth projects are in line with our requirements:

What we are looking for

  • Product, process or business model innovation
  • Full time founders
  • A prototype and initial traction metrics
  • One or more patent applications, if applicable

What we offer

  • An investment from €200,000 to €1.5 million
    (if necessary: support in the search for co-investors)
  • A network of over 300 angels at your service
  • Mentoring by investors with expertise in your sector
  • Opportunities for collaboration with our corporate partners

If you find yourself in this profile, submit your application:
we are committed to answering you within one week.

Propose your startup