Business Angel

Our investors

Time, capital and skills to the service of the startups in which we invest

What is a business angel?

The business angel is a person who invests time and money to support one or more motivated and talented founder and develop high-potential business projects.

IAG does not have one, but more than 200, working together to achieve what is difficult to achieve as individuals: sharing of experience, circulation of knowledge, better risk management, reduction of due diligence costs and research of opportunities for investment.

Benefits & Opportunities

Qualified investment opportunities: access to already carefully selected startups;
Dedicated staff, 360 degree assistance on investments [link to the new Staff page];
Meetings-members: five occasions for meetings and investments per year, 4 of which in Milan and one in another location;
Continuing training: updating workshop on technological trends and investment techniques;
Champion: possibility to engage in the relationship with startups in the face of greater returns;
Networking: we create and incentivize opportunities for discussion and relationship between the members.

Become a member

The IAG members commit themselves to support the association with the annual payment of a membership fee and to actively participate in the proposed investments.

To apply to join the association, learn more.