A priority channel towards the world of innovation and startups to develop new strategic relationships and business opportunities

IAG Corporate Members and Partners are Italian and multinational companies interested in promoting research and innovation through strategic collaboration with startups. In IAG's vision, we have a key role as a network that brings together expertise, capital and innovative ideas. It is in this spirit that we offer our Corporate Members and Partners services and benefits to expand their network and their business opportunities.

Why join
the IAG community?

By becoming an IAG Corporate Member or Partner, your company will be able to access a deal flow of Italian and international high-tech startups, operating in many sectors, and to have a seat with a front-row view in the world of innovation.

The collaboration between
Companies and Business Angels

In IAG your company will find the added value of over 250 business angels. Their skills and their network of relationships are a true asset in collaborating in the search for innovative solutions, identifying the best investment opportunities and supporting the growth of startups in the corporate network.
The collaboration between corporate partners and business angels ensures that startups obtain investments, mentorship, and support in market entry. This translates into reduced risk and higher results for all parties.

Services and benefits offered by IAG

  • Access to the IAG deal flow (500-700 annual investment opportunities) and portfolio (over 95 startups)
  • Exclusive investment opportunities and portfolio diversification (only for Corporate Members)
  • Radar on innovation, including macro and micro-monitoring of industry trends
  • Startup and technology research for the purpose of investment and activation of commercial agreements
  • Networking with startups, business angels and stakeholders of the Italian and international innovation ecosystem
  • Involvement of the companies in the world of startups (events, co-branding, etc.) to increase their brand awareness
  • Customized training and workshops with industry experts

Our Corporate Members

Our Corporate Partners

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Become a
Corporate Member

Choose to become a Corporate Member of IAG if your company is interested in:

  • Investing in innovative startups in the IAG deal flow and portfolio (under the same conditions as business angels)
  • Activating strategic collaborations with IAG network startups
  • Participating in startup screening sessions, meetings and IAG events
  • Staying updated on the technological trends of the industries of interest

Become a Corporate Member

Become a
Corporate Partner

Choose to become a Corporate Partner of IAG if your company is interested in:

  • Monitoring IAG deal flow and portfolio for collaborations and potential M&A
  • Accessing the IAG innovation radar and presenting open innovation opportunities to its clients
  • Participating in startup screening sessions, meetings and IAG events
  • Giving visibility to your brand and your offer through IAG communication channels

Become a Corporate Member