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Yobs Tecnologies, a US startup that uses AI to innovate HR, raised € 280k from IAG

Yobs Technologies, the California Based startup, was founded in 2016 by two young European entrepreneurs: Raphael Danilo and Federico Dubini. The company just raised a €280k investment from the members of Italian Angels for Growth – IAG, joining the $2.0M Seed round jointly with Fabio Mondini, cross-border investor and partner of the IAG network.


Kither Biotech raises a €5.6m financing round to support the clinical development of a new drug

The financing round is one of the most significant in Italy in 2019, driven by the involvement of Invitalia Ventures, business angels connected to Italian Angels for Growth (via the Breath 80 investment vehicle), Ersel and Club degli Investitori (via Simon Fiduciaria), ACE Venture, together with the Elysia Capital and Moschini family offices and other private investors.


Vikey announced a new 500.000 € investment round

Vikey, a LVenture Group portfolio startup , closed an investment round of over € 500K led by Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and Investor Club (CdI).