October 12, 2022

Closed agreement between IAG and Unicorn Trainers Club: Over 350 managers and entrepreneurs to serve startups

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), a leader in Italian seed venture capital and a point of reference in Italy for those who want to invest in startups, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Unicorn Trainers Club, Friuli Venezia Giulia's association of enthusiasts in innovation and startups, which aims to encourage and facilitate venture capital and angel investing activities by promoting and facilitating collaborative relationships with university scientific institutions and research centers.

This partnership represents a strategic advantage for both entities: the agreement lays the foundations for a greater presence in the Friuli area and a wider dissemination of venture capital culture through participation in training courses, activities in the area and access to investment opportunities open to both communities.

Today IAG represents Italy's leading community of business angels, entrepreneurs and corporations who share expertise, capital, and commitment to support innovation and entrepreneurship. By investing in and supporting startups, IAG works every day to build a future in which innovation has the resources it needs to have a positive impact on society. Thanks to this collaboration, the IAG network expands to more than 350 managers and entrepreneurs serving startups and innovation, also increasing its capillarity on the Italian territory.

Unicorn Trainers Club is the reference point for those who believe in innovation and want to bring their business idea to success, through supporting high-potential start-ups, fostering, and promoting VC, Angel Investing and Corporate VC activity in Italy and abroad. Unicorn Trainers Club encourages the exchange of experiences among Associates aiming to be an entity (including local) that systemizes the needs of those who want to innovate with those who manage or own established businesses to create a community of people who can contribute to the development of the ecosystem (professionals, business angels, entrepreneurs, ...).

A strategic alliance that intends to strengthen the local and national innovation ecosystem by valuing people and their skills and that already had concrete results with the Friuli leg of the last edition of the IAG of Tour.

On March 29, in fact, the Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico and the CRO of Aviano hosted the business angels of IAG, who were visiting the regional territory to allow their associated investors to get to know the innovation and startup system of the Friulian territory. This exclusive opportunity allowed investors to meet the most important regional innovation players and the entire Friuli-Venezia Giulia Incubation System, with a special focus on medical technologies and biotechnology.

In the past few days, IAG was present at EuroBioHighTech, the event organized by the BioHighTech Net 4.0 Network on behalf of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region entirely dedicated to Bio, Digital and Energy HighTech Innovation taking place in the Urban Center of Trieste.

In light of this agreement, in the coming weeks IAG and UTC will jointly participate in a number of events in the innovation and venture capital ecosystem, namely:

- Startup Marathon, the project aimed at the best innovative realities, with the goal of initiating collaborations between the selected companies and the network of national and international investors.

-Additive Startup Italia Pitching Event, the initiative of Friuli Innovazione and AM Ventures during which the best entrepreneurial ideas and innovative startups developing services, products, technologies, applications, materials in the field of Additive Manufacturing at the Italian level are presented.

"The opening of a new location represents a reference point for our members and partners in the Friuli region, thanks to the opportunity to leverage the network of professionals activated by Unicorn Trainers Club. This strategic collaboration represents an added value for the venture capital ecosystem, thanks to the continuous exchange of experience and expertise between UTC and IAG, facilitating the connection between high-potential startups with our network of business angels. The new IAG House represents a further step for the presidium on the territory and for the concrete support to startups and local innovation" - says Carlo Tassi, President of Italian Angels for Growth.

"Our two associations are aligned in their belief that culture and innovation are key levers for the growth and prosperity of society at large. Both associations aim to create an environment conducive to the development of innovative businesses. We are proud to be able to offer our Friulian members, through this partnership, access to the many interesting initiatives organized by IAG," says Carlo Asquini, president of Unicorn Trainers Club.