November 08, 2023

ESG: sustainability is indispensable in every investment choice

Investing in companies that incorporate ESG values represents a great opportunity to differentiate oneself in an increasingly competitive venture capital market while actively contributing to solving the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

What is meant by ESG factors?

How is ESG implemented in the investment process?

What are currently the biggest challenges for sustainability investing?

We talked about this with Silvia Pugi, IAG Business Angel, manager with international experience in marketing and sales, in large companies, startups, nonprofits. Angel investor and board member. Today Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Manageritalia.

This year, thanks to the work done by Silvia, together with partners Stefano Dominedò and Francesco Pinto, IAG introduced the ESG Investment Policy. A guideline for the team and partners in scouting, evaluation, due diligence and management of invested startups.

Find out more in the video interview!