October 18, 2022

IAG launches its Pre-Seed program

Eden Venture by IAG: the Pre-Seed startup garden that will enable entrepreneurs to let their talents flourish

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), the main Angels Network in Italy, launches Eden Venture, an investment tool focused on Pre-Seed startups with tickets up to 100 thousand euros. The goal is to intercept the best investment opportunities at the origin and support entrepreneurs from the development of the business idea to the approach to institutional investors.

The gradual maturity of Italian and international venture capital has made the roles of the various players more defined for each stage of startup development. This has allowed IAG to focus on the Seed stage, while being able to seize in advance the best opportunities in earlier stages (Pre-Seed) by making use of an appropriate tool, Eden Venture precisely.

Eden Venture aims to invest in 25 startups over the next 2 years, presenting itself as one of the fastest operators on the market: up to €100,000 in just 30 days. Selected teams will be able to count on a network of more than 500 IAG business angels to facilitate business connections (e.g., partners, customers, prospective buyers), comparisons on growth strategy as well as fundraising support in the later stages of growth thanks to the vast network of international partners (IAG angels, VC funds, CVCs, family offices).

Eden Venture is led by a team with many years of experience in Venture Capital: Silvia Pugi (Head of CSR Manageritalia), Riccardo Fisogni (former Director in BlackRock and Merril Lynch), Giovanni Strocchi (Venture Partner at BlackSheep Ventures), Leonardo Giagnoni (Managing Director IAG) and Emanuele Torlonia (Associate IAG specialized in Pre-Seed partner management and Digital deal flow).

Leonardo Giagnoni, Managing Director IAG: "We are very proud of this project characterized by a methodical, streamlined, rapid and valuable approach to investment for entrepreneurs from the very first moments of the development stage of their ideas. Concrete support to top class teams: serial entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary skills. Thanks to a proactive scouting part, the best deals to be financed will be selected, with a scalable business model and that can also grow quickly on the international market."