June 18, 2021

Italian Angels for Growth together with Banca Generali to support startups and SMEs

Startup and Innovation: Italian Angels for Growth launches a partnership with BG4Real, Banca Generali's program to support the real economy.

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), the largest Italian network of business angels, joins Banca Generali to support the development of the most innovative Italian startups and SMEs. IAG and Banca Generali have signed a partnership agreement that provides for co-investment activities and sharing of opportunities between IAG and BG4Real, the program developed by Banca Generali to create a bridge between private savings and real economy.

The agreement structures the collaboration between IAG, which selects and evaluates startups to be proposed to its members (mostly private investors), and institutional investors such as those selected by Banca Generali. The goal is to promote the growth of innovative Italian companies, opening them to the entry of new capital that will promote their development.

"Startups, as well as SMEs, need knowledge and support, so it is essential to create an ecosystem that works in synergy, bringing professional skills, networks and funding. Equally valuable is the contribution of business angels as well as that of large established companies such as Banca Generali, with which we are pleased to have signed this partnership to create new opportunities for value by contributing to the economic recovery of the country," said Antonio Leone, President of Italian Angels for Growth. 

The agreement with IAG is part of the BG4Real investment program. The Ecosystem is a network of relationships aimed at exchanging information and sharing experiences, which allows us to: intercepting trends and changes in advance; identify investment opportunities; access exclusive or limited capacity investment opportunities; monitor the evolution of the investments made from different perspectives.