January 12, 2022

Restorative Neurotechnologies: interview to the protagonists

In this interview with Andrea Balestra, COO at Restorative Neurotechnologies and Paolo Angelucci, IAG Champion in this investment, we will discover how the startup was born, the importance of having good investors and a successful team at your side and the future plans of the company.

Restorative Neurotechnologies was born out of a research lab and years of experience in a rehabilitation clinic. The two never ceased to communicate and contaminate each other. Their cognitive rehabilitation protocols are designed and developed by a multi-disciplinary team from the fields of neurology, neuropsychology and engineering, led by Massimiliano Oliveri, neurologist and professor at the University of Palermo. Formerly at Harvard, he is a world-renowned scientist and one the the pioneers in the field of prismatic adaptation.