March 15, 2021

The future of angel investing

Angel investing is growing more popular! It is getting increasingly more attractive to the next generation of high-net-worth individuals who have often earned their wealth by being entrepreneurs, understand the way early-stage scene works and have a whole new perspective on the act of investing.

Angel investing is not an isolated world, instead, it is part of a larger startup ecosystem with many other players. The roles and expectations of these participants change over time and so does the impact they have on each other.

As mentioned, the startup ecosystem is growing fast and is continuously producing new individuals interested in becoming an angel investor. Many of them realise that they could use their knowledge and network in specific fields to give back to the community, helping entrepreneurs flourish and bold ideas come to life. Other mainstream investment instruments may be less risky, but they lack the feeling of purpose - there’s little meaning to them, except for making some profit. Because angel investing is becoming more accessible to people and is seen more as a developed and matured investment segment, more education and standardisation of processes are needed.

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