December 22, 2021

Young business angels, the IAnG group is born

IAnG: Over thirty young professionals who have chosen to join Italian Angels for Growth to support innovation.

Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) is the largest network of business angels in Italy, with more than 270 protagonists of the entrepreneurial, financial and industrial world that invest time, skills and capital for the growth of innovative startups.

IAG, founded in 2007, has increased its membership base over the years, including high-level profiles and multidisciplinary skills, with a very high retention rate. The IAG network shares skills and enthusiasm in seeking and rewarding ambition in the pursuit of excellence.

In recent years, the association has been enriched with profiles of new generations. The IAnG group for example, includes aspiring angels who wish to enter the startup world and who often meet to discuss issues of innovation, eager to learn from the experience gained in the network.

Managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who know the risks inherent in high-potential investments and know that the results will be seen in the medium to long term. Above all, they believe in the strength of the unique mix of skills, experience, and relationships of the group of members to support young technology companies in their growth path.

Here’s more about some of them.

Francesco Acabbi, born in 1979, is passionate about the Digital and Fintech sectors. Expert in Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Digital & Innovation Strategy, Marketing Sales & Customer Service Management, he joined IAG in February of 2021.
Was there a significant event in your academic and professional journey that made you passionate about the startup world? "The world of startups, especially technology, has always fascinated me. In my last year of university I had the opportunity to work for an accelerator of start-ups in Silicon Valley and, back in Italy, I developed my thesis precisely on the theme of the birth and development of new companies. In 2015, after a ten-year career in consulting, I launched myself into an entrepreneurial experience and co-founded an innovative start-up. IAG over the past year has given me the exposure and ability to participate in the innovation ecosystem actively. Never stop learning, never stop rethinking the future!".

Paolo Cistaro, born in 1981, is partner and investor in several projects, with a wide visibility on innovations and business developments in the international arena. He has a solid financial and fundraising experience, being partner of YourCFO, through which he provides activities to support strategies in innovative projects (StartUp & ScaleUp).
After being part of IAG for a few years, what are the values that the community has added to your person? "IAG is an inclusive and valuable community, the meetings are an extraordinary source of exchange and enrichment that fill every discussion, in an atmosphere of absolute trust. The experiences, skills, professionalism, diversity, and quality of its members, enhance the common interest of supporting innovative projects devoted to make a change. We receive continuous stimuli on new opportunities and their impact on sectors and markets, on future visions, which contribute to my fundamental cultural growth".

Stefano Dominedò, born in 1979, works as a consultant in risk management, insurance, and data analytics. He is currently International Head of Strategy & Financial Planning at Marsh Advisory (Marsh & McLennan). Stefano holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and has obtained the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification.
What do you think is the added value of the diversity of backgrounds and expertise of the IAG network for startup founders? "The fact that you are able to count on a heterogeneous group with different experiences represents one of the main strengths of IAG. This gives you different visions, an exchange of ideas and different practices, which can positively address the development of the startup or change things if necessary. In addition, thanks to the support and network of contacts of some members, startups can succeed in scaling more quickly. It is therefore clear that the IAG network is not only an investor, but also and above all a long-term partner for the founders of the startups".

Matteo Ghiacci, born in '95, with a degree in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Torino with a master’s in management at ESCP Business School in Paris. He is currently the Business Developer at Hydrogeo. Big fan of technology, investments, and startups.
You are one of the youngest Business Angels in the network. Why did you choose to join Italian Angels for Growth? "I had the chance to approach this world thanks to the investment round in Cubbit last year. It was an extremely interesting opportunity to get in touch with a sector that I had been watching with interest for some time. The possibility to have access to some of the best investment opportunities in startups at the European level and beyond is a key and highly stimulating factor for me".

Camilla Marzetti, born in 1994, Buyer Online Flagship Stores - Yoox-Net-a-Porter Group, with a strong passion for the Fashion & Luxury sector and a great digital mindset.
As one of the youngest business angels of IAG, what advice would you give to young women who want to actively participate in the world of innovation? "First of all, I believe that curiosity is one of the key values to get passionate about the world of innovation. It is thanks to curiosity that I pushed myself to research and discover new realities in the world of technology, which allowed me to expand my horizons and be here today. A piece of advice I give to young women is to pursue their interests with passion and initiative, without letting anyone stop them".

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