Italian Pharmacy and Healthcare Platform

Born from the idea of Nicolò Petrone, young CEO of the startup, 1000Farmacie is a marketplace that aims to strengthen the online presence of pharmacies, allowing them to face the challenges of digital transformation. Thanks to the cloud technology developed by the startup, in fact, all pharmacists need to do is connect to the system through a computer switched on during the opening hours to the public: in a few minutes the stocks and the prices of the products of the pharmacy are read and then transmitted to a central server. This avoids the higher costs of parallel management - physical and online - for the sale of items. In this way, the pharmacist can easily take advantage of all the benefits of e-commerce. 1000Farmacie has developed a stockless model, able to guarantee fast shipping thanks to the delivery by rider. The startup takes, therefore, the same system used for food delivery, focusing on environmental sustainability and the reduction of shipping costs.

Date of investment February, 2022

Offices Milano, Italy


Founding team

Nicolò Petrone

Mohamed Younes
Co-founder & COO