Intelligent screening and prospecting for commercial real estate

BuiltAI is the AI platform for the commercial real estate market. It is the first to build the richest, most accurate AI-augmented dataset on UK commercial real estate which it uses to create granular ‘street level’ insights on any property and location. Built AI’s vision is to create a ‘live’ digital snapshot of the country's real estate assets that can be used to virtually model investment scenarios across entire portfolios.

BuiltAI is led by Firoz Noordeen, former director of Natwest Ventures, Natan Lempert, former real estate investment professional from Benson Elliot, and Jeffrey Ng, former CTO of Benevolent AI and CSO at Founders Factory.

Date of investment August, 2022

Offices London, United Kingdom

Deep Tech

Founding team

Firoz Noordeen

Natan Lempert

Jeffrey Ng