Conversational commerce company focused on simplifying how SMBs transform customer messages into revenue, a WhatsApp Business Partner Solution (BPS), is a conversational commerce software focused on simplifying how companies transform customer messages into revenue. Connectly's no-code tool allows businesses to easily create and send interactive and personalized marketing campaigns through AI-powered mini bots at scale. This promotes a 2-way conversation, which engages your customers and therefore increases conversions. Connectly centralizes your customer communications in a unified inbox - across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram - where you'll be able to segment your audience and make data-driven decisions based on our smart reporting. was founded in 2020 by former Big Tech executives, Stefanos Loukakos and Yandong Liu, who saw a need for businesses to gain equity in conversational commerce, a market that is expected to become a $130B market by 2025, according to Forrester.

Date of investment July, 2022

Offices San Francisco, California


Founding team

Stefanos Loukakos
Co-founder & CEO

Yandong Liu
Co-founder & CTO