FLEEP Technologies [EN]

Microchips printed on plastic transparent flexible recyclable

FLEEP Technologies Innovative start-up based in Milan, born from the research activities of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), which operates in the field of Printed Electronics. Thanks to more than 7 years of research in the field of printed integrated circuits, FLEEP is active in the development of integrated electronic systems made only with printing techniques and with a view to sustainability, using only carbon-based materials, which allow its intelligent systems to be recyclable.

"The closing of this round is a success for us and will allow us to improve the technology, bringing it to very high levels of performance and solidity, with a view to its subsequent development on an industrial scale. What we bring with us from this fundraising is the awareness that even in Italy there are investors who are attentive to emerging technologies, even if far from commercialization, who want to invest and take risks together with the founding team by focusing on value co-creation"

Giorgio Dell’Erba

Co-fondatore e Amm. Delegato di FLEEP Technologies.

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FLEEP Technologies raises 800 thousand euro of private investments to bring printable electronics to the market

The startup, thanks to the economic support of Pariter Partners Syndicate, the members of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and Club degli Investitori, together with the Cogliati Family, will develop intelligent, flexible and sustainable electronic systems for the packaging and biomedical industry that can reach the market within 3 years.