Software for customer engagement

Inventia, a Milanese software company, has developed "Connect", a multi-platform "Video Customer Engagement" system that allows companies to manage commercial processes, even complex, remotely. The technology can be installed on any channel, both physical and digital, such as. kiosks, tablets, smartphones and ATMs. Unlike its competitors, Connect does not offer a simple videocommunication but aims to recreate human sales and assistance through an operator who remotely guides the customer in the desired process.

Numerous cases of Banks, Telcos and Retail have already chosen the Inventia solution and are seen as a solution able to make the great potential of digital technologies coexist with the effectiveness of the "Brick and Mortar" channels, especially when talking about of particularly complex commercial processes.


Date of investment January, 2015

Exit February, 2019

Offices Milan, Italy


Founding team

Andrea Cinelli
CEO & Founder