This is the data you've been looking for

Measure Protocol, UK scale-up that offers a new way to access consumer behavioural data at a scale. Providing unrivalled insight into how consumers use, interact, navigate and transact with business websites, services and apps, the company’s vision is to give individuals greater control over how their data is accessed and used, whilst ensuring that they are fairly compensated for the information.

Through the platform users are asked to perform specific tasks for brands, while their activity is shared through screen capture technology. Proprietary techniques and machine learning are used to extract behaviour and data, such as e-commerce transactions, digital usage and even the layout of icons on a mobile phone screen.

This ensures access to the best quality data from users that completed surveys, provided device usage, behavioural information, media consumption, product testing, and purchase and app experience data.

Date of investment April, 2022

Offices London, England


Founding team

Owen Hanks

Paul Neto