Discovering small molecule drugs that create neoantigens

NeoPhore targets the dynamics of cancer neoantigen evolution and aims to make effective, well-tolerated medicines that will become a key part of the next-generation of cancer immunotherapies.

New (“neo”) antigens are abnormal proteins that typically arise from DNA mutations that accumulate during tumour formation. Neoantigens appear foreign to the immune system and many are strong cancer antigens that stimulate immune responses to disease. However, cancer neoantigens often go undetected by the immune system simply because the immune system response can fade over time, and in many cases cancers also only create a few weak neoantigens in the first place.

NeoPhore is discovering medicines that stimulate neoantigen creation in cancer cells marking them for attack by a patient’s own immune system. NeoPhore’s drugs are designed to stimulate immunity directly at cancer’s core, by interfering with DNA repair and forcing cancer to continuously produce neoantigens that will be detected by the immune system.

Date of investment September, 2021

Offices Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Life Science

Founding team

Stephen Over
Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Baker
Chief Executive Officer