Providing access to real-time cognitive and emotional states through everyday wearable devices

NeuroBrave - Turning Signals into Insights™, a fast growing startup developing and monetizing AI software solutions to connect people and technology through everyday wearable devices, biosensors, and neurotechnology. NeuroBrave offers NeuroSpeed OS™ as the answer for your Manufacturing & Maintenance, Gaming, or Neurotechnology needs

The company's private and secure SaaS platform enables corporates and SMBs to upload their end-users signals to a real-time, highly sophisticated cloud pipeline, based on a combination of signal processing and deep learning algorithms, thus providing access to cognitive states insights - focus, engagement, fatigue, excitement, stress, and many more.

Our business and software development activities focus on the wearable devices market and three specific industries:

• Manufacturing (Semiconductors, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals) -
Boost your manufacturing KPIs, invest and empower your employees by providing them with new tools to be more focused and productive. Be smarter, employee-oriented, and learn how to build efficient assembly lines and PM scheduling.

• Gaming (Developers, Publishers, Hardware designers) -
Join the next revolution in the gaming industry - Real-time Adaptive Personal Experience. Learn how to design your game best fitted to, and based on, your gamer's level of engagement, use new matrices to accurately predict impulsive churn and forecast retention.

• Neurotechnology (Wellness, Sport, Healthcare, Neurotech, Neuroscience) -
Hit the market, fast. Accelerate your TTM by at least 3 years, benefit from our high-performance cloud infrastructured real-time signal processing and DNN pipeline, save millions of USD in development and focus your resources and efforts on your unique science, IP, competitive advantages, and product marketing.

Date of investment November, 2022

Offices Beer Sheva, IL

Deep Tech