Lead generation & web marketing

Founded in 2008, Nomesia has become the leader in Italy for performance marketing and lead generation, as well as being one of the first Google Italy partners.

Nomesia offers its customers an exclusive approach to achieve extraordinary results: 2,500 leads generated / month, -25% campaign cost, 26% conversion rate leasd in sales, + 38% SEO YOY traffic, 6,000 kw positioned on the front page / year are some of the average metrics recorded in 2017. This is possible thanks to an integrated action on the Site, ADV, SEO and Social and on the process of generation, optimization and distribution of content, "magic glue" that exploits the value of the Nomesia network of 960 bloggers / youtuber and 20,000 smart influencers.


Date of investment March, 2011

Offices Milan, Italy


Founding team

Filippo Margary

Luca Bartoli