Digital optical instruments for imaging diagnostics in healthcare

NTP's innovative modular real-time digital microscopy platform engineered by NTP, called NED (Nano Eye Device), offers advanced solutions, even remotely, for diagnostic imaging in healthcare: from observing a specimen for pathological analysis (NED-DP, Digital Pathology), to automated analysis of hematology smears (NED-DH, Digital Hematology), to optical detection in diffuse light of specific sequences on DNA microarrays thanks to nanoparticles and specific biomarkers for the observation of hybridizations (NED-VD, Virus Detection), and even going as far as direct observation of viruses potentially present in a swab, thanks to biosensors designed for direct virion capture.

Date of investment May, 2017

Offices Rovereto (TN), Italy - Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU), Italy

Life Science

Founding team

Massimo Galavotti

Gianluca Maroncelli
Chairman & Co-Founder

Adolfo Carloni
Scientific Director

Mauro Malan
Marketing Manager