Same-day delivery services by appointment, dedicated to retailers and e-commerce

Wora was founded in late 2020 by Gaetano Sanfilippo and Jacopo Mazzola to revolutionize the delivery experience and enable people to order from their favorite brand's e-commerce site and receive products on the same day of purchase. The startup makes deliveries by appointment through environmentally friendly electric vehicles. In addition, Wora has developed a proprietary dynamic route assignment technology and, unlike traditional operators, picks up orders directly at the store without going through the warehouse. Wora is active in 7 Italian cities-Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Cagliari, and Monza-and has handled more than 50,000 deliveries for major e-commerce and retailers.

Date of investment January, 2023

Offices Milano, Italy


Founding team

Jacopo Mazzola

Gaetano Sanfilippo
Co-Founder & CEO