Yobs Technologies [EN]

US startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to innovate HR

Yobs is an AI solution to assist and support enterprises in the talent decision processes by using science and big data to improve velocity, performance, diversity, and retention.  The team of world-renowned industry psychologists, developers, data scientists, and repeat entrepreneurs have developed one of the most innovative behavioral signals processing technologies, building a compliant and inclusive form of intelligence over companies’ unstructured HR data. Many Fortune 2000 Clients already use Yobs in talent management to understand who between the junior members is ready for a promotion, how to build synergetic teams post M&A, and how to reallocate employees who are working in obsolete positions.


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As an Italian entrepreneur working abroad, I am really proud to partner with Italian Angels for Growth. The Italian market represents a large opportunity for growth, considering it is not one of the most digitally developed. Many Italian companies work at a global level and are in urgent need of process optimization to compete internationally. We are sure that, supported by the experience, know-how, and market knowledge of the IAG members, we will have a central role in solving this need

Federico Dubini

Co-founder Yobs

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Yobs Tecnologies, a US startup that uses AI to innovate HR, raised € 280k from IAG

Yobs Technologies, the California Based startup, was founded in 2016 by two young European entrepreneurs: Raphael Danilo and Federico Dubini. The company just raised a €280k investment from the members of Italian Angels for Growth – IAG, joining the $2.0M Seed round jointly with Fabio Mondini, cross-border investor and partner of the IAG network.