About US

Italian Angels for Growth now has 120 members. Our mission

  • IAG aims to finance industrial projects during early-stage presenting a high level of innovation and potential for success, to realise a profitable exit for the Angels in about 5 years.
  • Through the funding supports entrepreneurship, innovation and research in our country by helping to promote sustainable development in the long term.
  • Promotes, through the Angel Investing, development of new business initiatives and economic growth.
  • Contributes to the success of the youngest companies exploiting the best talent and ideas.
  • Promotes economic growth and the creation of new qualified jobs.
  • And ‘engaged in benchmarking trip in developed and emerging markets to identify the best ways to finance innovation.
  • Generate optimism and confidence triggering a virtuous cycle of successful cases.

IAG is a member of BAE (www.businessangelseurope.com), the European Confederation of Angel Investing. The BAE Club is a group of leading business angel networks and groups across Europe. Its ambition is to support cross-border collaboration through: support to internationalisation of investee companies, cross-border investment, and knowledge-sharing across countries.