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Antonio Leone

Presidente IAG

Cariche istituzionali: Comitato esecutivo [EN], Consiglio direttivo [EN]


Life Science
  • Device, Diagnostico

it is easy to succeed: you have to do everything at 100 %

Electronic engineer with over 40 years of experience in the field of electromedical equipment, Antonio was President and Manager of Kontron Instruments, Roche Holding. In 1993 he moved to the Olympus Group where he took on the role of CEO for Olympus Medical Systems in Hamburg. The Group has had a turnover of 700 million euros and 2300 employees. Antonio is the Bellco President of the Charme-Montezemolo & Partners fund. Furthermore, his activities include serving as Board Member at WinMedical Srl, SediciDodici Srl, and Cellply Srl. He is also Senior Advisor at Cross Border Srl (Merger & Acquisitions, Milan). Since 2014 he has also held the position of President at IAG, Italian Angels for Growth.

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Cellply [ENG]

Cellply is a biotechnology company that develops solutions for personalized cancer therapy through diagnostic platforms that define cellular response to drug-based treatments. The micro-technologies developed by Cellply allow the ex-vivo measurement of the cellular response to different possible pharmacological treatments while maintaining the characteristics of the tumor microenvironment and arriving to provide information on the response generated by each drug on each cell of the sample. The technology supports the automation of biological protocols allowing the integration of sample preparation procedures and functional response analysis.

Margherita [ENG]

Margherita has developed a patented medical device that drastically reduces the risk of accidental puncture in healthcare. The instrument provides suitable protection to operators during the extraction and repositioning of the needle in its protective cap, avoiding the actual transmission of diseases. It allows you to easily throw the needle alone into the container for sharp and pungent objects.

WinMedical [ENG]

WinMedical has launched on the market the most important wearable platform for continuous and real-time monitoring of the most important patient vital parameters that can be used both in hospital and at home: WinPack.WinPack is the main modular and wearable device designed to monitor physiological in continuous and in real time in the departments with cNIPB (Non-invasive continuous monitoring of blood pressure), 5-Lead ECG, 2-Lead ECG, SpO2, Temperatures, Postures and Respiratory rate.   Acquired in 2018 by: