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Carlo Asquini

General Manager at Alpimerchant

Cariche istituzionali: Consiglio direttivo [EN]

Carlo has been providing consulting services in the field of extraordinary finance and private equity since 1998. He worked for consulting structures such as Ernst & Young Corporate Finance and Meliorbanca Gallo. He has also been part of the New European Team of Unicredito Italiano, which has dealt with acquisitions of commercial banks in Eastern European countries and has held the role of investment manager for the Star Venture SA fund.

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GipsTech [ENG]

GiPStech develops a technology that allows a very precise positioning inside closed spaces (indoor), obtaining a functionality very similar to GPS where the satellite signal does not arrive. An innovative technology that exploits the sensors present on smartphones today along with a natural phenomenon, geomagnetism, which is now used by external navigation systems. A radical innovation that will enable new services to users and companies: knowing exactly how a user or an object is moving, services can be provided and useful data can be analyzed in the most varied sectors.