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Gian Bruno Mazzi

Chairman Executive Committee at CRIF Credit Rating Agency

Cariche istituzionali: Consiglio direttivo [EN]


  • Lending – Banking, Payment Systems

Gianbruno has great managerial experience in consultancy as an Accenture Partner. He later moved into banking where he served as CEO for the CAER banking group and SSI. Currently, he has an Executive Chairman Committee post at the CRIF Credit Rating Agency.

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CharityStar [ENG]

CharityStars, is the first digital fundraising platform that in over 5 years of business has raised over 10 million euros for non-profit organizations offering auctioned unique experiences with celebrities and collectibles.
The company has recently launched AidCoin (AID), the ERC20 token that aims to become the primary method to donate transparently to non-profit associations through the Ethereum blockchain and is used to access the ecosystem of services provided by AIDChain platforms. and AIDPay. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will have an impact on the way we donate in the future and AidCoin is ready to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

Get your bill [ENG]

Ultroneo is the innovative start-up, born from a spin-off of the University of Udine, which has developed GetYourBill, a platform that allows you to issue and archive invoices without requiring the buyer to enter personal data but recognizing it through VAT number, payment cards, health cards or loyalty systems. The time needed to issue the sales document is reduced to less than 30 seconds and the invoice is digitally usable in the private area of ​​the seller and customer, facilitating administrative and accounting management, even with the respective accountant. GetYourBill therefore allows merchants and end users to save time and simplify the management of invoices, safely and in a very economical way: the service is free for the customer, while for the merchant it has a negligible cost given by a cannon monthly and a cost for each invoice issued. The platform is usable through various IT channels as it is integrated with the cash systems already in use by merchants, through bank accounts or even with e-commerce platforms.