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Valerio Caracciolo

Manager and entrepreneur

Cariche istituzionali: Comitato esecutivo [EN], Consiglio direttivo [EN]


Industrial & Energy
  • Agroalimentare, Hardware, IOT – Industria 4.0, Energie rinnovabili, Beni di investimento filiera energetica
Internet & Tech
  • Food, IOT – Wearable, Mobility

As a Business Angel and successful entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector, Valerio has had numerous experiences in the industrial and energy sector. Among these, he has been Executive Director of Linde Gas in both Italy and France.

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Bendit [ENG]

Bendit has developed and patented a thin microcatheter (<1 mm) with 180 ° rotatable tip in each direction, for difficult vascular accesses. This technology allows a considerable reduction in the duration of the operation, making the use of various tools usually unnecessary, reducing the time of the procedures and allowing the radio-guided execution and therefore also reducing the exposure of doctors and patients to radiation.

Quotient [ENG]

Quotient, a company founded in 2002 as a spin off of Chelsea Instruments Ltd., has developed, produced and marketed the Quo-Test, an apparatus for measuring the concentration of glycated hemoglobin, a parameter of great importance in keeping periodically monitored the state of compensation of diabetic patients (diabetes is the 4th / 5th cause of death in developed countries and affects 250 million people).   Acquired in 2010 by:  

Senseor [ENG]

Senseor, a company founded in 2006, designs and manufactures industrial sensors in SAW (surface acoustic waves) temperature and then pressure and torsion technology for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users.   Acquired in 2012 by: