December 03, 2021

IAG and The Techshop, together to invest in the best early stage B2B digital startups

Italian Angels for Growth is pleased to announce their partnership agreement with The Techshop, SGR that launched the VC Techshop Primo Fund, focused on B2B digital startups in the Seed stage of their business.

A structured agreement that unlocks significant value creation opportunities for investors and startups.

The focus of the partnership is the Digital B2B Early Stage, core segment of The Techshop and area in which IAG aspires to further qualify the proposal to its members.
The collaboration will focus on several key processes related to the identification of early-stage startups and subsequent investment, with expected benefits for both realities in terms of:

- expansion of the respective deal-flow;
- speed of deal execution;
- sharing of know-how and best practices;
- cooperation on investment monitoring;
- greater operational support offered in synergy to the startups invested together.

Through the partnership with Techshop, IAG will bring its distinctive “collective” expertise, enhancing the role of deal champions, which are the “leader” members of IAG of each investment, with an active role in supporting the founders. Techshop will enhance its ability to attract the most potential opportunities in the market.