December 19, 2022

NeuroBrave Secure an investment from the leading Italian investors IAG to boost its business development

Neurobrave is the revolutionary AI software solution, decoding in real-time biomarkers of personal cognitive state for mental wellness, stress management, safety, and productivity, from everyday wearable devices. The new Investment will allow the company to add R&D and business development professionals in EU, Japan, and U.S to strengthen agreements with current customers and partners, most of them rated top tier wearable devices, consumer electronics, and chip manufacturer in the sector.

A relevant investment has just been closed by NeuroBrave, an Israeli deep tech startup, developing and commercializing AI software solutions to connect people and technology through everyday wearable devices, biosensors and neurotechnology, with the participation of the business angels from Italian Angels for Growth (IAG).

The startup commercial product - NeuroSpeed OS™, is a cutting-edge software and AI platform translating bio-electrical signals (EDA, EEG, ECG) from any wearable sensor, to provide real-time signal processing and Deep Learning insights on emotional and cognitive states of the user, like stress, anxiety, focus, attention, engagement, fatigue.

The high accuracy and scientifically validated solution have the mission to enable every consumer and commercial wearable device, such as Smartwatches, Headphones, Earbuds and Smart Eyewear, to understand real-time cognitive and emotional states and provide key insights for productivity, well-being and mental wellness, safety and better healthcare.

NeuroBrave’s competitive advantage lies in its top-notch co-founders and management team Dror Talisman (CEO), Oleg Aryutkin (CTO), Michal Gruberger (Head of Science), the unique intellectual property in signals analysis and cognitive state analysis, a set of unique active industry advisors forming together a unique combination of experienced managers, tech leaders, and scientific experts.

The company is deeply active in the rapidly growing market of the 116 billion USD wearable devices, with more than 500 million units sold in 2021, expected to grow to 265 billion USD in 2026.

When 3/4 Americans own a smartwatch and 5/6 own a hearable device (mostly headsets and TWS - True Wireless Stereo), leading companies like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit (Google), Sony, Garmin, Bose, Xiaomi, JBL and another 350 OEMs are constantly looking for the next competitive edge, providing consumers and corporations a valuable and distinguished solution for better health and wellness.

“We are very excited to have IAG (the leading Italian Angel Association) within Neurobrave Investors. Their competence and active network of connections will be for sure, extremely valuable, in supporting our growth plan” - said Dror Talisman NeuroBrave CEO.

“We are fully committed to the Neurobrave vision that cognitive state bio feedback and mental wellness are the next step for wearable devices, above and beyond the current basic physiological indicators provided by smart watches. As an investor, it is a very compelling opportunity as it addresses the multi-billions global market of wearables where leading brands thrive for always more innovation. We do believe that Neurobrave has an incredible team and a unique competitive advantage, and we look forward to working with Dror and his management team” - said Giovanni Strocchi and Nicolas Ott, IAG Champion in this investment.